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Vermont Sex Offender Records
Contains information on convicted sex offenders since 1990. Records may show offender name, date of birth, offense, county, and conviction date. Records updated regularly. 

Statewide vital registration in Vermont began in 1857, when the General Assembly passed legislation requiring towns to report all births, marriages, and deaths to the Secretary of State. Prior to that time, some towns kept such records in order to resolve questions concerning the distribution and inheritance of property.

Vital records - particularly death records - became recognized as an important tool for studying the location and spread of epidemics. In 1896, the Legislature transferred responsibility for the vital statistics system to the newly formed Board of Health, the forerunner of the Vermont Department of Health. The Health Department has retained responsibility for vital statistics to the present day. Since 2000, the Vermont vital records system includes nine types of vital events: births, deaths, marriages, divorces, the establishment and dissolution of civil unions, reciprocal beneficiaries, fetal deaths, and abortions.

Vital records for events that occurred within the past five years are maintained by the Department of Health. All others are with the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration

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