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Oklahoma Criminal Record Searches include:

Oklahoma Corrections Records

Statewide corrections records on persons who have sentenced to serve time in a state agency since 1981. Results may show defendants name, date of birth, identification number, case number, record type, county, charge, disposition, physical description, court information and sentence. Records updated regularly.

Oklahoma DOP Records
Statewide felony and misdemeanor records from all courts since 1997. Results may include defendants name, date of birth, identification number, record type, case number, county, charges, file date, disposition, physical description and sentence.

Oklahoma Sex Offender Records
All sex offenders within the State of Oklahoma convicted since November 1, 1989 and those convicted in other states who have entered Oklahoma since November 1, 1989. Records updated regularly.*

Certified copies of Oklahoma birth certificates are available at the Oklahoma State Department of Health Vital Records Service. Oklahoma began filing birth records in October of 1908. It was not mandatory until 1917. Because birth records were not required in years past as they are today for identification, the filing process in many years prior to 1940 are incompete. Oklahoma began filing death records in October of 1908. It was not mandatory that these records be filed until 1917.

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- Property Records, Ownership Search
- Convictions and Incarcerations

- Date of Birth
- Address History
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