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Police administration is handled by county police departments but as a matter of jurisdiction, they come under the state government. There are variations from state to state on the treatment of Public Police Records. They all can be obtained directly from the police departments or other state agencies. Public Police Records come free or in paid versions. Free records are usually accessed from government agencies and can entail bureaucracies and a waiting period. Paid version cut the red tape and come with professional quality for a fee.

People often do not realize is that you can check the web to search for such information. Local law enforcement departments have numerous records. No matter how minor the infraction may be, such as a parking ticket issue, enforcement officers are still required to document this.

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, the officers will have to conduct an official investigation to determine the identity of your assailant, you will inevitably have a record on file to your name already. If you do not have a prior case file, then one will be made for you on default. All of the details regarding your case and the subsequent results of the investigation will be placed on your file. This piece of detail will be included in the law enforcement unit's collection of free public police records. These records are mandated by law and are available to anyone.

If a person was ever arrested, there will be a police report. You can search for and obtain police records for any arrest in the United States using the above form. From petty misdemeanors to felonies, assault and battery - it doesn't matter what kind of arrest was made. Police records are made for each incident, no matter what type of crime. When you lookup police reports, your searches will always be discreet and confidential. On average, our searches take less than one minute and can be done from your home or office.

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