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criminal records Criminal Driving Violations
criminal records Clark County NV Police Records


Local Information:

Office of Vital Records

4150 Technology Way, # 104

Carson City, NV 89706

Nevada Criminal Record Searches include:

Nevada Corrections Records
Corrections records on persons who have been convicted of felonies and state-level misdemeanors and sentenced to serve time in a state correctional institution since 1990. Results may show defendant name, month and year of birth, race, sex, case number, county of disposition, offense description, sentence and sentence date. Records updated regularly.

Nevada Sex Offender Records
Records may show name, offense, conviction date and conviction location. Records do not contain date of birth. This file currently contains offender records since 1982. Records updated regularly.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Statistics is the legal custodian of birth and death certificates filed in the state of Nevada from July 1, 1911 to the present.  For events prior to 1911, records are usually held in the county Recorder’s office where the event occurred.  A list of the county Recorder’s offices can be found on the application for a marriage or divorce record.  Birth and death records are confidential in the State of Nevada and may only be released to a qualified applicant. A qualified applicant is defined as the registrant, or a direct family member by blood or marriage, his or her guardian, or his or her legal representative. Marriage and divorce records are held at the county level.  For certified copies of marriage certificates, you must write to the County Recorder in the county where the license was purchased.  For divorce records, you must write to the County Clerk in the county where the divorce was granted.
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- Property Records, Ownership Search
- Convictions and Incarcerations

- Date of Birth
- Address History
- Area Sex Offender Check
- Phone Numbers
- Spouse and Roommates Locator
- Email Addresses
- List of Possible Associates
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